I’ve been reading that the outage of AWS US-East-1 which happened earlier today or last night (at the point of writing) has an impact on thousands of online services including SaaS platforms that probably do not follow a reliable DR strategy. Some people have been complaining that they can’t connect to voice-enabled as well as smart devices that use the affected AWS infrastructure. I was personally on a website that is purely built on the serverless platform when that happened. At that time, I noticed the loading pages took unusually very long, and at some point, it simply stopped loading. Services that use AWS Kinesis got affected badly. At the point of writing, AWS announced, as of 10:30 PM PST, they had restored all traffic to Kinesis Data Streams from Internet-facing endpoints, and they were continuing to incrementally restore all requests to Kinesis Data Streams using VPC Endpoints — which is great news. …


Jayden Aung

A Cloud Guy & DevSecOps Enthusiast. A family man who loves travelling & iPhotography

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